Advice and Tips for Buying a Pet Online

Buying a pet online seems good for all the right reasons. It’s convenient, you have a huge selection to choose from, and delivery is easy. You read up on Large Dog Houses Reviewed on for the mastiff of your dreams, puppy proof the house and buy the best and nutritious dog food. Before you go forward and click to buy, read on, because you shouldn’t. The consequences of buying a pet online is much bigger than you can imagine.

  • Inhumane treatment or animals: There have been decades of efforts advocating animal rights to finally give us insight on how much cruelty pet stores hide. All of them are linked to puppy mills, where dogs are stuck in a cage all day long without so much even as poop breaks. They are only used for breeding and when they cannot carry litters anymore, they get euthanized, and not humanely. These backyard breeders are the suppliers of online shops and any business you provide them is promoting animal cruelty.
  • Selling underage puppies: Puppies should be weaned completely by the age of 8 weeks. If you are getting a puppy online, you won’t even know if the puppy is weaned completely. Which means the puppy is underage and was separated early on from siblings and mother, a major reason being the mother is put through another cycle of pregnancy.
  • Genetics: Purebred dogs go through a lot of inbreeding to preserve their physical appearance, supposing them to a lot of illnesses and aggression. Buying a pet without seeing the parents will get you an unwanted pet.


Check for these before you buy a pet:

  • Verify identities of sellers.
  • Buy from families who had litters instead of breeders.
  • Enquire about parents, attitude and habits.