Essential Things You Should Keep in Your Car in 2018

Mostly, everyone owns a car these days. The purpose of owning a car could, however, vary from person to person. While some people use their car for small commutes, others might need it only for doing long distance traveling, and while others prefer to use it only during emergencies. Similarly, different people prefer to keep different things in their car based on their intention to travel and on how frequently they travel. While some may consider a spare tire as the most important item, some others may think of including an air freshener. You cannot blame them for their preferences though.

However, here is a list of essential things that everyone who owns a car must keep.

  1. Jumper Cable – This will help you in case of a dead battery situation, which may include your car battery or your phone battery dying in the middle of nowhere.
  2. Spare Tyre – You cannot predict when you will have a flat tire. Hence, it is important you always carry an inspected spare tire that is in good condition and filled with air.
  3. Basic Tool Kit – A toolkit is essential whether you are indoors or outdoors. For instance, you are stuck in your car and you need to break loose from your seat belt, break the window of your car or fix a flat tire using a jack. What do you do? A toolkit will come in handy, in addition to it serving its regular “fix-it-all” purpose. Make sure to include a flashlight to the list as well. Knowing more about tools come in handy, visit
  4. Water – It is bad to leave water bottles in the car and drink from it later. However, carrying a bottle of water might come in handy in several situations including cleaning the windshield, filling the radiator, cleaning dirty shoes, etc.
  5. Towels/Tissues – In addition to water and irrespective of whether you are traveling with kids, it is better you keep a towel, some tissues, and wet wipes. You may not know when these come in handy to you or your co-passengers.