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        About Us ABOUT US
        National service hotline:
        Add: 9-1 Xianxing Rd, Xianlin Industrial Zone, Hangzhou
        Tel: 0571-86132503
        Email: hzygr20140324@163.com
        Company introduction
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        Hangzhou Yiguoren Biotechnology Co. , Ltd. was established in 2014, located at the 4th floor, building 2,NO.2628 Yuhang Tang road, Cangqian Street, Yuhang district, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, which is a high-tech enterprise specialized in diagnostic reagents and disposable medical supplies?ˉ research, development and production. Up to now, our company has gradually grown into ?°Zhejiang Science and technology-based small and medium-sized enterprise?±, ?°Hangzhou high-tech enterprise?±, ?°Hangzhou Eagle Program enterprise?±, ?°National high-tech enterprise?±.

        We own a number of registered trademarks and inventions and utility model patents. More than 50% of the employees of the company have bachelor degree or above, and more than 70% have college degree or above. The core team has many years of experience in pharmaceutical product development. In the business module, we focus on the R&D, production and sales of pathological technology (including cells, tissues and molecules) and related pathological diagnosis products and aseptic medical devices, and the corresponding technical services.

        At present, the company has two business modules. The first module is the medical device entity industry, which integrates the development, registration, production and sales of biological technology-oriented pathological diagnostic reagents and sterile medical devices. The second module is the technology service industry which is mainly about the pathological technology of tissues, cells, molecules and so on.

         The basis, growth experience, work content and other sub-described of the two business modules as follows: 

            Medical Device Business Module:

        The company's Medical Device Industry was founded in 2014, designing and building a clean production workshop of 100,000 grades of medical equipment and establishing an independent professional production line for disposable sterile medical consumables and in vitro diagnostic reagents according to the standard requirements. We also built the Pathology Laboratory, quality control (QC) laboratory, Microbiology Laboratory, PCR laboratory and other specialized laboratories step by step, equipped with a large number of professional instruments and equipment, such as: Gas Chromatography, UV photometer, PCR, UV photometer, rotary pathological slicer, automatic tissue dehydrator, Biosafety cabinet, ultra-clean workbench, bacteria collector, etc. All of these provide a strong guarantee for our company's product research and development, technology, batch production and quality control.

        achieving a further in-depth understanding of clinical and scientific research technical support needs Pathology Laboratory Technology Service Module:

        With corresponding products in the tissue, cell and molecular pathology technology field (disposable medical supplies and diagnostic reagents) promoting and applying clinically, we have more in-depth professional system research capabilities for the corresponding pathological technology, projects, products and so on, while achieving a further in-depth understanding of clinical and scientific research technical support needs. Since 2018, we have continuously increased R&D investment in the field of pathology technology, quickening the pace of research, strengthening our own capabilities, opening up the work of the ?°Pathology Laboratory Technical Service?± module. We have carried out many research cooperation items and professional technical services with hospitals, scientific research institutes and medical colleges, and successfully undertaken a number of scientific research projects.

        ?°Good at medicine, benevolent in heart?± is the basic belief of ?°Yiguoren?±. Ideals inspire action, persistence makes dreams come true. We are willing to provide ideal development space for customers, employees and partners. Grow together, start ordinary and towards extraordinary!


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