Five Essential Things You Should Keep In Your Car

Driving a car is fun but in case you were to get caught up somewhere without the required tools then it could cause a headache. So make sure that you have these essential things in your car.

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Supplies to change your tire

You need to have these tools handy when you go on a drive. This includes a spare tire, tire jack, tire iron, lug wrench, and some WD-40. These are important because imagine you are driving on a highway and you tire suddenly goes flat. You need to get out of the place because help may not be available easily. So make sure that you have these supplies handy so that you can drive well.

Fire extinguisher

What if the engine of your car catches fire? It is important that you keep a fire extinguisher handy in your car. The fire extinguishers that can be kept in the car are not heavy and bulky. Rather they are sleek and lightweight. These fire extinguishers are portable so make sure that you have one in your car.


First aid kit

Beit a leisure or an adventure trip, a first aid kit is a must. A first aid kit comes in handy and in case your friend breaks her rib or you get hurt, the first aid kit will have the supplies to give you immediate relief. You can then rush to the hospital for the treatment.


If you plan to drive in the dark then make sure that you have a flashlight handy. This is because your car could stop midway and you would have to get it started. In such a case a flashlight is what will help you see the damage and get it repaired.


We could get lost at any time and thus make sure that you have the necessary food supplies. The food that you load in your car should be nonperishable and not something that could dirty your car. So make sure that you stuff in loads of dry items.